A San Francisco-based design studio.

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We are inspired by products every day, the ones that do their job—enriching our lives by making them easier, more beautiful, or more meaningful—and the ones that don’t, motivating us to do better. We design for specific purposes, end users, and manufacturers, which means that we think about how the products will be made at every step of the way and how they can establish a human connection. We deliver designs that can be efficiently and elegantly executed, and partner strategically with the right manufacturers to bring our vision to life.

Studio / Based in San Francisco, Box Clever has a close team of award-winning designers and thinkers all driven by the goal of creating the best—the most elegant, meaningful, functional—products, brands, and experiences possible. With varied education, professional experience, and personal backgrounds we share a passion for the complex process—and, sometimes, the sheer magic—of making things.

Work / Our work reflects a deep curiosity about new materials and manufacturing techniques paired with the desire to create honest, innovative, and iconic designs.

Thinking / Our goal is to develop meaningful, expressive designs that integrate technology and lifestyle. Each project begins and ends with our client-partners: listening, responding, and then executing on their needs and those of their customers. We create lasting partnerships with our clients and continuously identify new opportunities for them over the long term.We approach projects holistically, referencing every aspect of a user's experience. By focusing on problems from the user's perspective, we are able to design effective and elegant solutions that create a lasting emotional connection between a brand and its users.

Capabilities / Our broad range of services lets us take a comprehensive approach to every project, from strategy and branding to product design, packaging, experiential environments and all things digital. We steward our clients’ projects from inspiration to innovative, market-ready product.

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