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A Brief Look Over The Solicitors’ Types And Fee Structure

Being a legal practitioner, a solicitor has legally defined qualifications to deal with all sort of legal matter under a jurisdiction. With vast areas of choices, a solicitor can even specialize in certain legal areas only. Where some may specialize in legal matters of technology and the digital world, some other might be expert in resolving family legal matters. And every lawyer has a different pattern of charging fees too that may range from fixed fee solicitors to contingency legal advisors

As per the individual’s solicitors knowledge, skills and ambitions; a solicitor can be of many types. Some of the most popular of them are:

•  A criminal solicitor

From directing the office operations of judicial system to offering them legal advice to support their case to assigning attorneys for a case; a criminal defense lawyer does it all.

•  A civil lawyer

Dealing with the law pertaining to people, property and relationships; a civil lawyer generally work for government entities, private people and businesses to resolve various legal disputes.

•  A corporate legal advisor

Be it resolving any kind of workplace dispute or be it about framing a harassment suit for any corporate business; a corporate legal advisor can do this all thereby resolving various legal matters pertaining to a corporate environment.

Apart from the above-mentioned areas, there are many other zones of serving too but these are the most popular ones. Now when we know about their categories, we should also have some information about their fee patterns. Remember, every solicitor might have different rates and fee structure for their various legal services. Make sure to clear this aspect in advance before actually rendering their services.

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So, here we are giving you a brief of it also. 

Take a look:

•  Time based charging

In this case, a lawyer generally charges their clients according to the given hourly rate. Under this, the lawyers may even charge time they spent over the phone while talking to their clients.

•  Contingent fee arrangement

The lawyer will get the fee only s/he is successful in completing the assigned legal task. A certain percentage is decided as a fee before taking up any project. Property resolving issues are most common legal cases considered for this pattern.

•  Fixed fee solicitors

It is a predetermined fee structure where a lawyer charges a specific, total fee for the most common legal cases like consent divorce.