May 09, 2017 3

Pictures for Ebay

About 15 years ago, I started listing items on Ebay. It was clear to me that the pictures were an important, critical part of the listings.  Early on, I bought a Contax point and shoot.  It served me well for about 10 years, when it developed a problem I started looking for a replacement that I thought would furnish the best results for the least money.  I choose a Cyber-shot DSC-TX30, I paid about $250 for it.  I choose primarily because it had a Ziess Lens, as did my Contax. It may be helpful to add here, that I am not technically proficient, I have been using cameras for 60 years, I have owned many brands, so I have had some experience.  I have been very happy with by DSC-TX30, although I am sure it could produce more in the hands of a good photographer, it has done well for me. I do not have any sophisticated scene setting tools, the picture included is a Natiive american Cuff, taken with natural lighting in the border of my driveway.