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How To Get Certified As A Residential Electrician?

The residential Electrician in SA is considered to be very popular. So, one should be well aware of the specific way to get certified as a residential electrician.

What Are Residential Electricians?

Basically, residential electricians are highly trained technicians who are responsible for the maintenance and installation of the wiring and devices that distribute electricity in our apartments, homes, and other buildings. It requires many years of classroom instruction and hands-on work experience for becoming a licensed or certified residential electrician.

Requires Extensive Training

Extensive training is essential not just so electrical systems can work in a proper way but, it also does not pose a danger of electrical shocks or fire. As demand is likely to grow because technologies like solar power become more popular and so, it is considered to be a promising field.

Residential Electrician Job Description

There are specifically around four-fifths of the residential electricians who are known as wiremen. They are involved in repairing or installation of electrical wiring, switches, relays and control devices for power outlets, lightening, communications, appliances, and air conditioning.

These residential electricians read blueprints and also work with contractors or architects for the purpose of planning the layout of electrical systems in homes, apartment buildings and other structures. Along with that, they also follow and read the technical diagram and building codes.


In this way, it is evident from the above section that there is a huge demand for the home electrician these days.

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