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The Brothers Crisp was born out of a passion for artisan goods and a respect for the processes by which they are made. The integrity of the centuries-old craft of moccasin making is the cornerstone of our brand. Every shoe we produce is designed and manufactured in-house, every cut and stitch executed by our hands.

However, we at The Brothers Crisp are always asking ourselves how we can bring fresh perspective to the legacy of honest, artisanal shoemaking. We value the innovative technologies and techniques that allow us to streamline our industry. We acknowledge heritage without confining ourselves to tradition.

We see the potential for a new look in everything from a swatch of leather dyed by a generations-old tannery to a tweed coat thrifted from a Hartford strip-mall. We look to the boots of our grandfathers as well as the sneakers we wore growing up in the '90's. We appreciate both tough construction and elegant design. While we embrace classic style, we are always searching for the element that will define the next movement in American made footwear.


Joshua Westbrook

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