May 03, 2017 31

Road-tripping combined with Sony cameras offer me the best of photographic opportunities

So, I check my kit packing make sure my trusty Sony A900 along with other camera's and lenses below are all there, clean and functioning and head off. Here's a taster of a few of our recent photographic road-trips.

Road-trips,  just love them, present opportunities galore, as many behind as ahead. Whether it's the autumn colors and coastal quirkiness of the New England states,

 the fun and historic imagery of Route 66, 

the traditional and architectural European images of the Costa Blanca coastline of Spain or 

Southern French wine region of Languedoc or 

the splendid scenery of Northland in our own country of New Zealand there's just so much to capture, and these are the trips from just the last 2-3 years.

And there's many more where these came from, if you have an interest please check out