Apr 29, 2017 61

Please Think About Helping Me

i don't know if this is the kind of story that you guys are looking for but it has a lot of truth to it.  i am going to be honest because honesty is the best policy and i chose to take that path of being true to others and to myself.  in the video above, that's me, Brandon Clement in the "Mileywood sweatshirt and to the right of me is my best friend, Jess Flores.  as you guys can see, my best friend is talking for me because if i did, you guys wouldn't be able to understand me that well.  i can talk but it's harder for people that don't know me too well to understand me.  i am not going to let that stop me because i have different ways of communicating.  i either write what i am saying down or have my mother, Jody Clement or my father, Don Clement translates to what i am saying.  either way i will get what i am saying across.  could i be honest again.  in the above video i asked a lady by the name Ellen Degeneres to help me out with something but she never once contacted me back by e-mail or by phone.  let me be perfected honest, that did hurt.  it felt like a million sharp razor blades cutting through my heart and what i just said, that's no lie either because it did feel like a million of sharp razor blade tearing my heart up.  that didn't or won't ever stop me because i will keep on trying until i can get help.  i am giving you guys this video because i really am hoping that you guys will find it in you guys' hearts to help me....

Here are a list of numbers that you guys can call to confirm my story:

My Best Friend's, Jess Flores Cell Phone Number: 1-(605)450-1926

My Mother's, Jody Clement Cell Phone Number: 1-(605)450-1708

My Father's, Don Clement Cell Phone Number: 1-(605)216-2784

Thank You Guys for your time :) :) :)