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Mornings Should Always Look This Good

Get rid of the snooze button.

Let's be honest, no one truly enjoys the first sound their alarm makes—the loud beep that tears you from your warm, soft dream. With half-opened eyes, you look up at the ceiling and then down at your covers wishing there was an easier way to do mornings.Well, there is.

We at Boll & Branch are on a mission to make mornings better. 

Think about it, a bright and easy start can bring on a whole host of happy feelings that would extend throughout your day. As soft and inviting as our sheets may be—making it almost impossible to leave your bed—a beautifully styled bedroom may help you ease into your morning routine. Annie Anderson of the blog Zevy Joy agrees with us, which is why she styled her room with all-white bedding for a bright and beautiful bedroom.

Bright, White Bedding

The great thing about all-white bedding is the fact that it’s versatile for year-long enjoyment, so don’t be afraid to go monochromatic. You can always play up color by adding greenery or warm wood accents for a fresh feel. 

Annie began with our signature Hemmed Sheet Set in white, and threw on our plush Hemmed Duvet Cover, also in white.

We’re already tempted to dive in, and we haven’t even gotten to the pillows yet! 

Soft, Organic Pillowcases

Speaking of pillows, Annie chose to go full-on luxurious. Besides her two sleeping pillows, Annie propped two Euro Shams against her headboard, and placed two Standard Shams adjacent. Six pillows may feel like a lot, which is exactly what we love! After all, who wouldn’t want to be completely surrounded by soft, organic comfort?

Throw Blanket

A simple way to add dimension to your white space is by layering with textures. Annie styled her bed using our Cable Knit Throw in natural. This throw blanket lends a creaminess to the overall aesthetic, which is perfectly picked up by her neutral-toned headboard and accent pieces.

Either way you do it, all-white bedding is a perfect opportunity to usher in a cleaner, brighter and more zen morning. 

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