Jan 26, 2017 6

How a Local Company Can Bring Global Change

A little change can make a world of a difference.

It’s been three years since we sold our first set of sheets, and praise for having the softest sheets ever has been heard around the nation. We’re honored to be in hundreds of thousands of homes across the USA, and we are especially grateful to be doing it on our own terms, respecting the earth and the people that have made our success possible. We’re a different bedding company, and we’d love to share why.

Organic Is Better 

Why Organic Cotton?

Because it’s better for everyone, that’s why! Unlike conventional cotton farming methods, organic cotton promotes biodiversity thanks to a mix of organic cash crops that must be present to provide sufficient nutrients to the soil. This rich soil creates safer habitats for both people and wildlife, keeping communities pesticide-free and preventing harmful toxins from seeping into the surrounding groundwater. 

Speaking of water, a recent study by Textile Exchange reports that organic cotton farming as a whole conserved approximately 218 billion liters of water in 2015, that’s nearly 87,201 Olympic-sized swimming pools! The same report also states that one year of organic cotton farming saves up to 92.5 million kilograms of carbon dioxide, which is the equivalent of driving an average car around the world 13,572 times.

Boll & Branch Farmers

We treat our farmers the way every member of our company should be treated: with respect. After all, where would we be without their dedication to the cultivation of pure, organic cotton? As a whole, our farmers have grown 4.2 million pounds of raw organic cotton—just for us! 

We support approximately 900 organic cotton farmers in India and meet all Fair Trade standards, meaning we treat the farmers fairly and pay them at or above the living wage. And since farming is considered a family profession, those 900 farmers account for nearly 7,200 total family members. 

Cotton Farming is a Family Affair

We pay a premium for Fair Trade certified cotton, which will later be dispersed among the community as investments for education and housing.

Boll & Branch Factory Workers

What originally started out as one factory producing our classic Hemmed Sheet Set has since expanded to four factories across India, producing everything from our super soft Bath Towels to our luxurious Throw Blankets—and more! 

Just like our farmers, we support 900 factory workers and pay them according to the Fair Trade standards

From Farm to Factory

Our factories are also GOTS certified, a service that ensures our customers that our manufacturing process is organic from end-to-end.

It’s been a long road, but the journey has been worth it. 

We’re proud of how far we’ve come as a little company in Summit, New Jersey, and look forward to all of the new, organic and oh-so-soft products that are to come! For more information on our mission, read Our Story.