Sewing a better planet by designing a better home.

Our Story

We planted a seed of change to create the best sheets in the world.

Boll & Branch was founded in 2014 with a simple mission: produce sheets that feel good, inside and out. 

After coming up empty-handed to questions about the quality and origin of an in-store bed sheet, Scott and Missy Tannen realized they were onto something; so, they began to dig. What they unearthed was an industry that needed change.

The Approach

Traceable Supply Chain

By selling directly online to the consumer, we eliminate the cost of the middleman and retail space, saving you money and ensuring you’re purchasing nothing but the highest quality blankets, bedding and bath. We go a step further by tracing back to the origin of our cotton, so you and your family feel confident knowing our products are authentic, pure and chemical-free.

Thoughtful Craftsmanship

The Boll & Branch seal means more than just meticulous craftsmanship. It means economic opportunity for the farmers and factory workers that dedicate their lives to the cultivation and manufacturing of cotton textiles. It means each product was made with respect for the human and environmental resources that make it possible. It means we’ve given a nameless, faceless commodity a heart.

We don’t do what’s easy. We do what’s right.

High Quality Design

Since its inception, Boll & Branch has directly sourced the world’s finest organic cotton and re-engineered every design for a better-end product of heirloom quality. Each detail is highly intentional—from the tension of the thread to the diameter of the yarn and the type of dye used.

From seed to sew, see what makes us different.

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