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Who's in Your "Rushmore of Rock" Line-Up?

Who's in Your "Rushmore of Rock" Line-Up?

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Have you ever thought about ways you could make Mount Rushmore even better? Yeah, we think about it all of the time too! Those old dudes etched up there right now? They've had enough time in the spotlight, right? Isn't it about time somebody got all "Hollywood" on that rock-face and did a remake?

What better way to decorate a wall of rock than with the stars of rock? But who would you choose? If you could choose a singer, guitarist, bassist or keyboardist and a drummer from any band to cast in rock forever, who'd be on your list? Just for fun, we've put together our suggestions for the ultimate "Rushmore of Rock" line-up. Just don't tell those dead presidents!


Okay, this was a pretty tough one. There are some awesome vocalists in the rock space, dead and alive, and so it wasn't a decision to be taken lightly. Kurt Cobain, Robert Plant, Bob Dylan -- not many could contend with these greats. But one man truly stands out, and deserves to have his face immortalized forever more. That man is Freddie Mercury. We're sure we won't get many arguments there.


Of course, with front-man Freddie leading the line-up, it would be almost too tempting to choose Brian May as our Rushmore guitarist, but we're not gonna! We're going to think outside the guitar case a little on this one, leapfrog over Hendrix, Page, Slash and Beck, and point our chisel at David Gilmour. Perhaps we could put him on the dark side of the rock. Cheap pun. Sorry.


Oh, the enigmatic, static, but oh so essential keyboardist. Who to choose here. Let's see. Will it be Rick Wakeman, Keith Emerson or Richard Wright? How about Elton, Brian Eno or Zappa? How about Bowie? In terms of musical prowess, coolness and ability to turn his hand to almost any genre, it's going to have to be Rick Wakeman. Yes.


John Bonham. No explanation required.

So, Over to You

We love a little controversy, and so we're throwing the question open to you. If you were put in sole charge of designing the ultimate landmark, the Mt. Rushmore of Rock, which rock n roll legends would you like to see cast in stone for all eternity? We'd love to know. Click here to create your Rushmore of Rock!