Jun 03, 2016 452

JUNE 2016: Buy a Boho. Give a Boho!

For the month of June for every instrument we sell, we will donate one ukulele in partnership with Music Heals International.

For the past two years, Music Heals International has been training music teachers and building schools in the Delmas 32 area of Haiti, one of the areas hardest hit in the 2010 earthquake. In summer 2016 they built 2 more schools and are bringing in over 60 more students to learn how to play everything from guitar, to drums, to bass, to keyboards and more. The total number of kids in the program is 140, including 30 special needs kids. We are honored to be able to support this program and have all the children of Haiti jamming out on Boho Ukes. So, please share with your friends, buy your Christmas gifts early, and finally treat yourself to that new guitar you’ve been wanting, because the more we sell the more we can give.

For the month of June, Bohemian Guitars and M​usic Heals International a​re teaming up to help get ukuleles into the the hands of the youth that Music Heals supports in Haiti. Yep that’s right! With every guitar, uke or bass we sell this month, we will be donating a Boho Ukulele to Music Heals to support their youth music initiatives in Haiti. 

Since the birth of the company, Bohemian Guitars has been on a mission to not only sell amazing instruments but make music more accessible to everyone while being conscious of the environment. Whether it’s building our instruments out of upcycled oil cans, using recycled metals, repurposing parts, or even breaking down wooden pallets and turning them into necks; we have always maintained a standard of consciousness to the world we live in. And when all else fails, and we are forced to use materials that aren’t as eco­friendly as we’d hope, we plant a tree with every order we get.. We are proud to say that in 2015 we planted over 15,000 trees around the world. However, The Boho Team doesn’t just use these materials to be environmentally conscious, but to be able to offer a price in which everyone can have the ability to play an instrument. We truly believe everyone should have a chance to pick up an instrument and jam. Now we couldn’t be more excited about our new project to continue to impact the earth we live on.