May 09, 2017 4

trip to turkey..carry less and shoot more.

Being a little older and being a solo traveler I didn't want to carry a lot of gear.  So on my trip to Turkey last year I decided to carry two Sony units a Nex 7 and an A6000.  I also carried my two kit lens.

Both camera served me well.  I was able to get all of my images without breaking my back carrying my Canon 5d Mark 11.  Never being in Turkey before I didn't want to stick out as a mugging target.  I never felt anyone was looking at my equipment as something that they may have to spend some time in jail for.

I was able to get all of the images I wanted without any camera problems and some of my images i was able to enlarge up to 20x40 and printed on canvas.

I had a wonderful trip and God willing I will return.