Jul 23, 2017 7

Only girls use cameras

I can remember going to my grandparents house, my grandfather would always  get out one of two cameras. Usually it would be his Polaroid instant camera but on the important occasions he would get out his little 35mm Canon. No one was allowed to play with it, he would say one day you'll buy your own and make your own memories. He would photograph everything, he would say it's all you have later, memories, these are records of those memories. We would sit and look at photos of his friend and family members his World War 2 days all of it. Brought so much life to him...

Fast forward a few years, grandpa has passed on, it's my little sisters birthday, she receives a little 35mm Barbie camera. I was like I didn't know we could ask for cameras as birthday presents. I was told only girls use cameras by an adult at the party. So those dreams were buried that day.

Years go by again, working my fist full time job. It's been years since I've even thought about owning a camera now, as only girls use them. Making my own money and hating how many memories I have no record of, and asking people for copies of certain photos and not receiving them had gotten old. I set out to the local store to get me a camera, finally. Just bought a cheap little 35mm camera, started shooting everything. All occasions every friend. All of it. Its all we have...

Then my daughter comes along and I say I can't use a cheapo camera for this, she is only little once. My father-in-law at the time was a fairly serious photographer, had L lenses and serious camera bodies. He told me to invest in something good. So I did, and never looked back. Now, however its more of a disease, can't stop shooting, reading about the latest lenses and bodies, all the accessories. 

Got myself a Sony A7, after all these years. Can't believe how far cameras have come, its incredible. Taking it everywhere, waiting to record the next adventure, the next memory, the next everything.