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Looking for Indian Vegetarian Food in Dubai? Here are our top picks

Looking for the best Indian veg foods in Dubai, veg foods in Dubai? Read on!

Be it a festivity or just a casual occasion - there's a veg food item for your taste bud. While there are so many choices of vegetarian dishes; many restaurants are redefining the concept of veg foods by experimenting with it, and bringing new flavours and taste. There are food joints that are offering an exclusive range of awesome traditional Indian veg foods at a great price.

When it comes to choosing the best vegetarian food joints in Dubai, you have a number of great options. Even, a good number of Indian restaurants are available where you can tuck into an endless variety of mouth-watering and tempting veg foods.

Some of the top picks for Indian vegetarian dishes include -


Guajarati vegetarian and South Indian delicacies. Do not miss the Gujrati Thali

Balaji Bhavan

South Indian, vegetarian, fast food items. Do not miss the South Indian breakfast


A very popular restaurant, Bikanervala offers a good number of Indian vegetarian foods, fast foods and buffet meals. Must have are sweets and chat items.


Popular South Indian and vegetarian restaurant. Try their Dosa

Venus Hamba - vegetarian and South Indian vegetarian food items are a hit in this restaurant. The mist have include Udipi style dishes


Famous for ice cream and biryani, you can even try their vegetarian buffet dishes for a great experience.

Other popular picks

Haji Ali Juice Centre

Sivestar Bhavan


Paratha King

Royal Garden


These are just a few of the many eateries; where you can visit for experiencing a great taste of true Indian vegetarian dishes. To learn more about great veg foods, Indian food in Dubai, best Indian food in Dubai, best vegetarian restaurant in Dubai; please click here. You can choose from a number of offerings. Exclusive sweets, kaju sweets, khoya sweets, Bengali sweets, chat, snacks products, ghee sweets, bakery items are more. The products prepared using high quality ingredients and in a safe, hygienic process.