Sep 09, 2016 532

Roadtrip to Crescent City and Redwoods National State Parks

Labor day weekend and the choices were either a staycation, which for those uninitiated in urban lingo means - a vacation spent at home and involving day trips to local attractions, or to get out and do some real travel.

Now a night before on Friday, we decided the latter seems to be the way to go but for one minor issue, everyone else picked that option as well! 

Every place we possibly wanted to go to was either sold out, or insanely expensive. It was time for some adventure travel and an unplanned roadtrip!

So we packed our camping gear and our two lovely kids in the newly acquired BMW GT and decided we'll just have to wing it (mom, that means to do something with no preparation).

The Roadtrip to Redwoods and the places we visited

The KOA we camped at is close to some great hiking trails in the National and State Redwood Parks as well as many beautiful beaches and four major rivers. 

The last stop on this spectacular road trip ends at the very last city in California. Only 20 miles south of Oregon, Crescent City is home to the northernmost of California’s lighthouse stations. 

The coast redwood region is a narrow strip of land extending 450 miles from southern Oregon to about 150 miles south of San Francisco, with by far the greatest concentrations of redwoods occurring in Humboldt County.

Fun fact: The world's tallest tree was discovered in late 2006 in an undisclosed location in the Redwoods National and State Park in Humboldt County. It was named Hyperion and is 379.1 feet tall, which is nearly six stories taller than the Statue of Liberty.

830 miles of driving, a lot of coffee and our brains etched with the sound of "Are we there yet?" got us to see some of the most beautiful Redwood forests on our planet.