Jun 10, 2017 17

Ralph Lauren: Made to Measure

The Ultimate in Luxury and Craftsmanship

Simply put, there is no fabric more special than what you’ll find in Purple Label’s impeccably crafted suits. 

Purple Label’s Made to Measure customers receive a suit that doesn’t just fit to their exacting specifications but looks quite literally like no other suit in the world.

Unlike many brands, which choose so-called exclusive fabrics after the mill has spun them, Purple Label often requests, designs, and develops its fabrics before the mills begin weaving. 

The Storied Mills That Create the Luxurious World of Ralph Lauren, Purple Label

It’s an elaborate, time-consuming way of working—but most of these world revered mills often do more development for Mr. Lauren than for their own collections.

Timeless Design & Fit

Unparalleled Customization