Feb 13, 2018 7

Gumps Z pattern


Passionate about traditional furniture making after witnessing the destruction of China's historic treasures, Maria Yee began her career handcrafting reproductions from the Ming Dynasty.  It has remained a source of inspiration in every collection she's designed.


Sustainability is more than just a priority for Maria Yee - it's at the core of the company's design philosophy.  The hardwood species are responsibly grown and selectively harvested, and no trees from tropical forests are used.  Each handcrafted piece uses innovative green manufacturing techniques and sustainable materials. 


The artistry of Maria Yee furniture goes far beyond just beautiful lines and elegant shapes.  Sophisticated joinery techniques have been around for ages, but Maria Yee has refined these techniques to create the proprietary BreathingJoinery™ system, in which no nails or screws are used, thus maintaining the integrity of the raw, natural materials.