May 21, 2017 423

Sunrise over the city of Light

6 o'clock in the morning, my alarm clock rings and Paris is still asleep.

I call my friends to wake them up, I motivate myself, I take my bag and the adventure can finally begin! 

In my photo bag, my Alpha 6000 is always ready, a 10-18 mm f / 4 for architecture (my favorite lens), a 16-50 mm PZ because it is very small and light, and an 18-200 mm to be able to take all the details. I add my tripod and it's all good!

At this hour of the day, everything is calm, the streets are completely empty, the cafes are preparing to open, there is not a sound. At this moment, we have the feeling of being the kings of the world.

The river of the Seine is quiet, there are no boats and the river looks like a huge wonderful mirror. 

I switch to manual mode, set the ISO sensitivity to 100, and close the diaphragm to F/8 for a great depth of field. I take my tripod to realize long exposure of several seconds, with a pose of 30 seconds we can work on the movement.

I live near the impressive district of Montmartre. It looks like a movie set on a large hill. Each season Montmartre changes it's style and reveals new secrets! Until 8 am its streets are empty and the light is powerful. 

Sometimes, I like to play with the bokeh, then I open the diaphragm and magic operates! This changes the way you compose your pictures.

The sunrise transmits such messages, it gives you energy, joy, calm, peace ...

The gardens open very early and it's fun to play with light, also with the 10 18 mm F/4 you can capture the whole scene!

It is also every day the rebirth of nature and the morning dew. A daily dose of happiness that my Alpha 6000 has the pleasure of capturing!

Thank's a lot