Jan 02, 2018 792

Battle tested

I’ve had the same shoemaker since I graduated College in 1986, and every year I took my Ghurka briefcase and planner to him to be cleaned – until he retired 3 years ago, at the age of 95. Every year he would remind me that good quality shoes and good quality bags are investments - and after 74 years in business, Mr. Spinelli knew a few things about leather…and people. He said he could tell a lot about people from looking at their shoes and bags.

I purchased my first Ghurka briefcase and planner in 1987, and they have been a part of my career for 30 years. They have been my keeper of knowledge, hard work, preparation, and a few secrets. Today, they show the battle scars of 30 years of business and life - train stations, airports, customs, and countless client meetings.

My shoemaker died last year.  I remember the last time I took my bags to him, he told me that when I first came to him, my briefcase and planner made me look professional, but now, he said, they make me look like a warrior.  

Today, I unpacked my briefcase and thought it may be time for new.  But, instead, I decided to take my 30 year-old bag and planner to Ghurka for repair, in the hope that they can continue on by my side for a few more battles.