Jul 17, 2017 479

Chasing the Milky Way in North Georgia

My name is Attilio Lospinoso, and I am a college student in Georgia. I spend most of my time hiking and trying to find the best shot I can. This is a story about me and my friend trying to find a good spot to see the Milky Way.

The journey started with me and my friend leaving my home to head to Rabun Bald to camp for the night. I had one goal in mind for the night, and that was to get a shot of the Milky Way, but first we had a stop to make. That stop was the overlook at Black Rock Mountain. At the overlook there is a fence with posts that have wide stone pillars, and my friend climbed up and threw his arms out wide and embraced the view.

 After that we headed to Rabun Bald, which is the second highest point in Georgia. The hike is a nice climb up a mile and a half trail. Towards the top of the mountain you reach this part of the trail where you walk into a tunnel of rhododendron bushes and it darkens the path.  

Not all adventures have to take place in some far away land or some grand national park. Don't get me wrong those places are amazing, but sometimes it is the little trips where you take the time to enjoy being around your friends, and seeing local sights that can lead to the greatest of adventures.