Jan 12, 2017 124

5 Questions You Must as if You Want to Get into the ATM Business

An ATM business does not require you to invest big time in infrastructure, interiors, etc. This is because people are not interested in how your business is looking. They are just interested in using the ATM machine quickly and proceed with the cash. An ATM business can run well anywhere; in a mall, at the gas station, in a commercial zone or a public area. But before you get into the ATM business, you need to ask these five questions to get a bit more clarity.

1. Where can I setup the ATM Business?

One of the most important questions is deciding the location of the ATM. You might not get the location you desire. If someone else you know owns a spot at a good location then you can get into an agreement with that person to set up the business. You can decide the compensation of that person by working on certain terms. If you own a spot, then you wouldn’t need to worry about where to fix the machine. Even if you don't, there is not much to worry about. Retail shop owners would usually welcome you to set up an ATM in or near their store as it means more business for them. According to some research, people spend 15% more when there is an ATM in the vicinity.

2. How do I get the machine?

You can either purchase the ATM or lease it. You can also find Used ATM machine for sale at many places. It is recommended that you lease out the ATM machine since this is a feasible option and at the end of the contract you can own the machine. Purchasing the machine is expensive, and to pay the total amount, you will have to run the business for a longer period.

3. From where can I purchase the ATM machine?

There are many websites which sell ATM machines. You can find different companies which sell ATM machines and in different models. Select the one you think can be set up at the spot you own and then place your order.

4. Do I have to pay any charges?

You do not have to pay charges for setting up the ATM at the spot you select. The company you order the machine from will set up the machine free of charge for you.

5. How do I monitor the machine?

All you would need is an Ethernet connection or a phone line. This way you will get to know what is happening with the ATM. It will tell you how much money is left in the machine so that way you can order a refill of cash.

You will also get a warranty on your ATM. This will cover all the possible situations during which the ATM may require any repairs, upgrade or replacements. With these basic questions answered, buy a new one or a Used ATM machine for sale and kickstart your ATM business.