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Metal containers vs. Plastic containers for storing chemicals/ Where to store chemicals for a longer time?

Chemicals can prove to be highly hazardous and tricky at times, especially when it comes to the part of storage. From its production to its usage, these chemicals evolve through various stages in different forms, and hence it is vital that they are correctly stored and maintained by the chemical suppliers. It is a big challenge to store the chemicals into proper containers to protect them from damages. One of the most common questions asked during the storage of chemicals is that whether plastic containers or metal containers work better for storing chemicals and what is the difference between the two. We shall resort to solve this very query in this article. Here are some of the main factors that you should keep in mind while choosing the perfect container for certain chemicals:

Resistance: Resistance is of two types, namely, resistance against corrosion and resistance against the temperature. In case of certain chemicals, it is worthy to note that metals or stainless steel are usually resistant to corrosion from specific alkalies and acids; hence the chances or risks of reactions are minimized in this case. The corrosion resistance of high alloy grade metals are higher which serves is mostly preferred in environments that contain a higher content of chlorine. As for the resistance to temperature, it is mandatory for containers to show excellent strength to store and maintain chemicals at an appropriate temperature regardless of it being high or low.

Strength: The strength of the container is by far one of the essential prospects in determining the right material to store chemicals in. The chosen material of container where you intend to store chemicals should have the proper strength as in, and it should have the right amount of thickness to withstand any corrosive property of the chemical contained inside it and to prolong and endure it for a relatively high time.

Hygiene: If you are planning to reuse the containers, it is a fairly economical way to curb your investments but you ought to keep in mind the hygiene required to be maintained. It would be best if you prepared these containers to reuse them in the future. Only if the proper ratio of hygiene that is required to store chemicals in it is restored than it is worthwhile to invest in reusable containers.

The life span: It is important to consider the life span of these chemical containers if it is going to be used for storing bulk amount of chemicals for a prolonged amount of time. The shorter the lifespan of a container is, the most cost you will need to incur at the end to buy new containers at regular intervals.

Overall comparison: When generally comparing both the plastic and metal containers, it is found that the advantages of using plastic containers are more than metal containers when dealing with bulk quantities of chemicals. We must also keep in mind that certain chemicals necessarily should be stored in metal containers due to their properties and here the consideration of plastic drums are non-negotiable. Only in terms of compatible chemicals where they do not react to either container, is the survey result apt for.

Safety is the most important norm that should be followed while comparing both types of containers and it is essential by law for a chemical company in India to abide by these norms. As long as the safety norms are followed, it is entirely your decision to go with any container of your choice.