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Security Token Offering Services in canada

Security Token offering, or simply STO, is that the innovative and most secure way to raise funds for a project or create a public offering of your company shares using the blockchain technology.

The blockchain is disrupting the approach we do things, not only business and money transactions. TokyoTechie permits us to keep and share data within the most secure approach through a decentralized system for the investors to trust the economic system a lot of.. is the leader in Blockchain Technology. Our team has in depth expertise in developing cryptocurrency, be it utility or security tokens that have helped varied organizations reach their goals. based mostly upon the distributed ledger technology, TokyoTechie has designed latest progressive security token supplying platform.

Best STO Exchange Development Company

Being best security token offering / STO developing industry in canada with a decade of expertise in token supply, we attempt to assist businesses to issue security tokens that are audited. we offer an ideal platform to our clients to access the real investors who would fund their project via STO. Our expert team has in-depth data of developing security tokens solutions and implementing best methods to successfully launch your STO. we offer a high-end platform to launch, manage, or trade STO on a decentralized marketplace.

Types of STO

Equity Token

Each token is backed by a stock in your company, giving equal rights to the token holders in terms of selection and dividends.

Asset Tokenization

Real-world commodities like gold, business land, and even art. they'll keep a duplicate the tokens of your STO.

Debt Token

If you'd wish to merely raise funds, it’s potential to issue a security token with the promise of payback to coin holders.

Following are the Benefits of security token development:

  • Automated dividends
  • Profit sharing rights
  • Cash flow
  • Voting rights
  • Buyback rights
  • Holdings in another fund