Apr 30, 2017 91


I was so happy when I made my final choice and purchased my Sony RX-100!! Though, I had to drive over two hours to get it and when I got to the Sony store in Metro Town in Vancouver the Manager had made a mistake as they didn't have anymore of the cameras in stock!! I was shocked!! I said "I just called you before I came down from Whistler specifically to pick this up!" He just said sorry. I said, "You better give me something for my time as I am very upset! He gave me a 16gig memory card. Then he called another store and they had it. Then, I had to drive another 45 minutes to get it. Finally, I did get it and shot with it for a while. I took it to Japan for a trip and on the last day it died! The lens would not retract and it seemed like the sensor was kaput, but, I am no expert. I sent it to the Sony repair facility via London Drugs, which, btw cost $90!!!!! they said that a portion of the amount would go against the repair. I said ok but it seems a little steep to me. What was I going to do? I wanted my working camera back! Finally after over 4 weeks it returned with a whopping $470 repair bill!! I was like what? really? Yup, but some of the original money went to the bill. So, I paid over $400 to get it fixed. Finally, i got the camera back!! Shot with it for 10 months and guess what happened? Same thing!! Exactly!! So, I sent it back again with London Drugs. In the mean time I thought I would give Sony a piece of my mind as this is getting ridiculous now. I started talking to people at the Sony Customer Care? department and started getting frustrated at the lack of their help or concern! I spoke with Molly c80k who was very unsympathetic and didn't care about me or my situation at all!! Then later I spoke with Jordan who was slightly helpful but, his hands are tied. BTW my case is E6480971. I spoke to others without id or help! I am now at the stage of utter frustration and a complete lack of respect for Sony! The dealings I had in regard to this matter has left the most foul taste in my mouth that I can not fathom every purchasing a Sony product every again in my life or my families life every again! Thank you for tainting my experience with your product!! I now have the choice of spending a additional $450 to get my camera fixed which means that my original purchase has more than doubled since my first purchase! I have spent almost $1800 for a camera that originally cost $700. Very sad and broke with a broken camera! I also forgot to mention that now my inbox is littered with Sony adds about things I don't want or need!!