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I am Director of Industrial and Interaction Design at Whipsaw, and have been a professional Industrial Designer at since 2000.  I thrive on the opportunity to influence projects that create new avenues for improving user experience, product immersion, human factors, and ultimately, livelihood.  I crave challenges that come out of establishing cohesive design languages across a product line, and the integration of many smaller design parts into a larger design system... I'm a "system thinker".  My specialties include medical products and product systems where the attention to precision–of–communication and foolproof–usability are a must. 

I started as a fine artist before discovering industrial design in higher education... I feel this leads to having a knack for the empathy and tactility of design and infallible communication.  I LOVE industrial design and how it blends my desire for craftsmanship and improving the human experience with meaningful design.  

I make a practice of maximizing fun (and shenanigans) in life, though I am steadfast and serious about everything I put my mind to. When I am not designing for a living, you will find me in my workshop/kitchen, living for design.

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