Different types of yoga postures and yoga programs

India is well known for Yoga and teaching. Yoga means physical, mental, and spiritual disciplines or practices for the relaxation of mental and physical state. Yoga is originated in ancient India, the myths say that yoga origin is from pre-Vedic traditions to the till date which is mentioned in Rigveda. Yoga is mainly divided into two categories and they are Hatha Yoga and the second one Raja yoga.

Hatha Yoga: Hatha yoga makes to literate physical techniques in yoga and the name “Hatha” means force. By applying force on body parts this type of yoga should be enlightened.

Raja Yoga: Raja yoga was introduced by Swami Vivekananda. The yoga is similar to samadhi in Yoga and there are different names for this type of Yoga like a Royal union, Ashtanga yoga, Sahaj marg, Classical yoga, and Royal yoga.

Based on all the importance of yoga the central government of India declared June 21 as an International yoga day to propagate the techniques of yoga all over the world. Many institutions are available to teach yoga for students and also yoga teacher training who show interest in it.

Yoga teacher training in India consists of mainly 200-hours and 300-hours yoga teacher training for the starting stage people who are interested to become a yoga teacher. There will be 500 hours yoga teacher training for who completed the basic yoga courses and interested in learning of additional skills of yoga.

After all these courses a yoga certificate will be issued and it will be helpful to that person to teach somewhere or they can run an institute.

200 hour Yoga Teacher Training:

200 hour Yoga Teacher Training is the starting and primary course of yoga teaching to become a yoga teacher. With this Yoga Certification India, anyone can teach in yoga schools, health clubs, and wellness centres etc.

Contents: In this program, 200 hours are divided into different learning of yoga techniques and they are the 50 hours of yoga asana and pranayama, 40 hours of teaching practice, 15 hours of anatomy and physiology, 20 hours of asana alignment and modification techniques, 30 hours of yoga philosophy, 15 hours of self study, and 30 hours of meditation and chanting. These are all the contents and techniques get taught by the instructors about the yoga. 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training India can be held from 3 weeks to 2 years it will be based on the learner.

Benefits: The yoga courses will cover nearly 170 yoga asanas, anatomy, and yogic philosophy. After learning this yoga program the learner gain confidence as a yoga teacher and teaching techniques for 110 beginners asanas. The overall course covers the Hatha Yoga asanas, pranayama, bandhas, mantras, kundalini yoga, prenatal yoga etc.

300 hour Yoga Teacher Training:

300 hour Yoga Teacher Training is the second advanced level in Yoga training. In this level, there will be an intensive teaching of Hatha Yoga, Vinyasa flow yoga, and Yin yoga. This yoga program will be suitable for exist yoga teachers, yoga practitioners and the one who completed 200 hour yoga training.

Contents: The main contents that are included in 300 hours program are Yoga asanas, Pranayama, Philosophy, Anatomy and Philosophy, Meditation, and Teaching Skills.

In Yoga Asanas, there will be 84 classical Hatha yoga asanas in detail, 24 Yin Yoga asanas, and Vinyasa flow yoga asanas. Pranayama includes daily practice of advanced pranayama and Nadi shodhan with other advanced breathing techniques. There will be a guided practice and use of three Bandhas. Bhagvad Gita, Yogic philosophy concepts and Yoga Sutras of Patanjali will be explained in Philosophy.

In the 300 hours program, detail anatomy and philosophy will be taught and in this program , the learner can get a proper understanding of anatomy and philosophy and they can able to correct their mistakes. Some of the important topics that will be covered in this are physiology of main yoga asanas, breathing, and stretching. Detailed Musculoskeletal system, injury prevention, individual corrections, chakra anatomy etc. - these are the different yoga asanas techniques.

Meditation will be the most important topic in this program. Total techniques of meditation will be covered in this program and they are classical meditation techniques, five element purification meditations, Chakra purification meditations, and Tantric meditation techniques.

Teaching skills in 300 hours yoga program include how to structure, sequence, and customize a class. The program also consists of revision of teaching techniques of 84 beginners’ asanas and advanced asanas, how to teach Meditation and different meditation techniques etc. In this, the complete knowledge about yoga will be understood by individuals.

Benefits: The main benefits of the 300 hours yoga program are complete knowledge of yoga asanas, how to teach Vinyasa flow and Meditation. Daily practice of pranayama and bandhas along with personal guidance helps in improving personal practice. These are the benefits that will get by adopting 300 hour yoga teacher training course.

500 hour Yoga Teacher Training Course:

500 hour Yoga Teacher training course will be helpful to be a complete yoga teacher in depth. In this program, complete details of yoga will be grabbed by learning 170 classical Hatha yoga asanas, yogic philosophy, 20 classical asanas, 84 classical yoga asanas and 12 ancient yoga asanas.

This program will cover all the contents of 200 and 300 hours yoga program. Actually, the combination of 200 and 300 hours yoga program is known as 500 hours yoga program and it is the advanced level of these two. This program is the last stage of yoga training and after completing this program the person will get a certificate. By this certificate, they can establish new yoga institute or they can become a yoga teacher.

Host to Yoga:

For yoga teaching or learning the place must be friendly to nature and peaceful. The main important thing to the yoga training is the place, where no chance for disturbance and non-violence. At that place, only teaching will be held adroit and the learner can grasp point to point. That’s why almost yoga institutes are far away to cities and near to forests.


These are the different Yoga Courses India to become a yoga teacher or a good practitioner of Yoga.

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