May 16, 2017 17

Learning with the right tools

Like so many others discovering the joys of traveling and exploring, I wanted to learn to capture the journey as I experienced it. The paths I walked and the sunsets I watched fade away constantly reminded me to be present. Taking photos with my phone, while convenient, wasn't delivering the quality and flexibility I wanted. This is when I entered the Sony world.

Volunteer Park in Seattle

I bought my first camera - the RX100 III. I couldn't believe how much technology was packed into its tiny body. It was the perfect travel camera. Great quality, built in ND filter, articulating screen, electronic viewfinder, and full manual controls. I loved this camera. It went with me almost everywhere. Using it as my tool to learn, I snapped thousands of photos from landscapes to portraits. I watched countless YouTube videos on composition, lighting, and aesthetic. Looking back, I can't believe how much I learned.

Portrait of my best friend

However, all that knowledge made me crave a bit more flexibility in equipment. I replaced the RX100 III with the A6000 with great reluctance. In exchange for extreme portability, I gained flexibility in lenses and a likely boost in image quality. This was my camera to take with me on my biggest adventure yet - Japan, Hong Kong, and Macao. The gorgeous sights of Asia were captured by the thousands and with ease using the A6000. It became an extension of myself - an experience anyone feels the more they use the tools they have.

Dragon's Back in Hong Kong

I'm so grateful every day I have the privilege of having the means and knowledge to practice a hobby I love. Photography has brought me so much joy and these cameras have been by my side.

Skate park in Venice Beach