May 03, 2019 0

Why Glass Splashbacks are Considered as the Best Kitchen Splashback?

A modern and colorful splashback can enliven any drab looking kitchen. It is one of the most cost-effective ways to enhance your kitchen interior and this is the reason why they are preferred more today over traditional tiles.

However, when it comes to the Kitchen splashbacks, glass splashbacks are usually considered as the best choice. You must be wondering why is it so? Well, here are the 5 reasons for your question.

Glass Splashbacks are strong and durable.

Usually, toughened glasses are used for glass splashbacks which are stronger. They are far more durable than other products.

However, it doesn’t mean that you can be careless with its maintenance. It can still have a crack if not handled carefully. But it does not require high-maintenance.

 Glass Splashbacks are easy to Clean

The best part about the glass splashbacks are that they are very easy to clean. Glass is the easiest to clean than the other materials. Just a wipe with a piece of cloth or paper is sufficient to make your glass splashback shine.

In glass splashbacks, there are no edges to clean, unlike tiles in which dirt gets clogged at the edges. You can use a simple soap solution or warm water to clean the splashback. This is what makes glass splashbacks easy to maintain.

Glass Splashbacks are easy to install and customize

Glass splashbacks are quite easy to install and replace. A splashback expert can easily cut and shape the glass splashback into any size.

Moreover, you can customize the glass splashbacks as per your choice. They come in varying designs and colors. As glass is a versatile material, it can be customized easily. You can get a custom-made glass printed splashback.

Glass Splashbacks improve the visual appeal of your kitchen

Glass enhances the visual appeal of your kitchen by highlighting some good aspects of your kitchen. Besides increasing the aesthetic beauty of your kitchen, glass splashback also make your kitchen to look fresh, and modern.

As you know, glass reflects the natural light which makes your kitchen brighter and more inviting. Furthermore, by placing the splashback strategically, you can create the illusion of more space which makes your kitchen look bigger and spacious.

Heat Resistance

Toughened safety glasses are heat resistant and last longer. One of the good qualities of glass includes that it can withstand high temperatures. So, it is an ideal choice for the kitchen. Splashbacks made of other materials than glass may get damaged due to the heat.

Thus, glass splashbacks can be installed behind the heat sources like grills or oven. But, you need to be very careful while choosing glass splashback. Choose the one which is made of toughened glass.


So, a glass splashback is durable, easy to maintain, easy to install and heat resistant. Beside all these glass splashbacks are also quite cheaper.