May 18, 2019 0

6 Innovative Ideas to Decorate Your Home Walls

While decorating your home to make it look more beautiful, you must also pay attention to the walls. You can adorn your blank walls with various elements to enhance its beauty and to make it visually appealing.

So, in this piece of content, we will discuss some innovative and budget-friendly ideas to decorate your walls.

Beautiful wall mirrors

Install beautifully framed designer wall mirrors. We use mirrors in our daily life and thus they are the necessity of every house. A home without a mirror would be incomplete. Despite its daily use to get dressed and ready to perfection, mirrors can be used as a decor accessory.

Not only on the dressing table but you can also place the mirror on your walls to enhance its look. It brightens up the gloomy areas and also looks elegant and sophisticated. You can also buy antique mirrors with beautifully carved frame for your walls.

 Wall Art

What can be the best way that a wall art to liven your dull home walls? Render aesthetic beauty to your home walls with great wall arts. Make sure not to use wall art in an overcrowded room, it is important to choose the right space for wall art to ensure that it is being noticed by your guests.

It should be the focal point of your room, so install it in a less crowded space. Use glass featured wall arts as they look more attractive and glasses are easy to clean and maintain.

Wall mounted planters

If you are a nature lover then you can use wall mounted planters. They can add freshness to your home environment and they look absolutely stunning. It makes your space more inviting. A wall with mounted plants is also known as a green wall.

Green walls are very much in trend today. The amalgamation of nature and the urban environment looks more welcoming. Give life to your walls and let it breathe with wall mounted plants.

Wall Papers

Instead of painting your walls, use wallpapers to bring uniformity. Wallpapers can add depth and style to your room. Besides, wallpapers are durable and easy to install and maintain. Moreover, they are also a budget-friendly option.

Wallpapers come in a variety of designs. You may use wallpapers that reflect or define your personality. So, personalize your space with your own choice of wallpapers.

Wall hangings and stickers

Wall hanging is also a great way to decorate your home walls. You may either buy beautiful wall hangings or if you love doing art and craft then you may create customized wall hangings on your own. Another economical way is to use wall stickers.

You can use large-sized stickers of a variety of shapes like flowers, birds, landscape, etc. These elements can modify your walls with costing much on your pocket.

Photo Collage

You can your walls to showcase your great memories by hanging large sized photo collage in the center of your walls. Not only your walls will look fabulous but will also reflect upon your good memories of the past.

Use a collage of colorful Polaroid photos of your family, friends or loved ones and increase the value of your walls. Let your walls to narrate the stories of your unforgettable memories.


So these are some unique ways of decorating your home walls without spending a lot. Try these ideas for your home walls and upgrade the overall look of your home.