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How to make the best Use of Essential Oils for Skin Care?

Essential oils are a gift of nature for people who wish to have a flawless and glowing skin without slathering -laden cosmetics on their skin. There are hundreds of varieties of essential oils and each one is filled with multiple benefits for your skin. This article lists how the best use of essential oils according to the common skin ailments that both women and men deal with in their everyday lives. Read below:


Pimples, blackheads and whiteheads are the common types of acne that affect millions of people. To treat , tea-tree oil could be quite beneficial as it is both antimicrobial and antiseptic. Just mix a few drops of tea-tree oil with any of the carrier oils (coconut oil, jojoba oil, olive oil etc.) and you are good to go. Make sure that you do not put undiluted tea-tree oil directly on your skin as it’s quite strong and may result in irritation of skin. Tea-tree oil helps calm the inflamed skin and disinfects the affected area. The acne spot dries up in a day or two and voila! skin begins clearing up gradually.

Keeping your skin thoroughly cleaned is a prerequisite to keep acne at bay. Tea-tree oil is a boon for people with oily and combination skin as it helps keep them keep their skin clean by the oil-cleansing method. All you need to do is to add 3-5 drops of tea-tree oil in good carrier oil (preferable with a lower rating). Take facial steam for 5 minutes to open the pores up and now massage your face well using this concoction. Wipe your face off using cotton balls and you will see that all the residual make-up and debris has been taken off your face.

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These black or brownish patches which make your skin look uneven are a result of overproduction of melanin. While prolonged sun-exposure is the main reason behind ; it may also occur because of hormonal imbalance, injuries, and skin-conditions like eczema and psoriasis. Citrus essential, for e.g., lemon or bergamot essential oils are the best to treat these blotchy patches. Lemon is known for its natural skin-bleaching properties. It contains limonene, a chemical compound which helps lighten skin. Citrus essential oils make your skin sun-sensitive; hence never apply these oils during the day-time. Further, do apply quality sunscreen whenever you step out in the sun during the time-period when you are using any citrus oils to treat hyperpigmentation. Instead of directly putting these oils on the affected area, mix a few drops of the same in a powdered mixture of , sandalwood and turmeric powder for better results.


Just like oily and combination skin, dry-skin presents us with its own set of challenges for its upkeep. To keep your skin well-moisturised, use either Argan oil or Frankincense oil regularly. You may apply these directly on your face or mix these with the moisturiser/foundation you use regularly. Both these oils have a zero rating; hence there’s no risk of onset of blackheads or whiteheads.

There is only one thing to remember, always buy your essential oils from a good and reliable source. With the plethora of essential oils for skin available in the market, which one do you consider the bestPlease leave comments below.