Jun 11, 2019 0

9 Ways to Decorate a Room Wall

Not happy with the bland walls of your room. These ideas will sway you away as there are umpteen ways to go for living room wall décor beyond just painting it. These creative ideas for your living room wall décor will certainly inject more beauty and personality into your space.

Add Greenery

Go Green with a tall potted plant as its one of simplest ways to add interest and vibes to a wall area. This certainly will be your favourite place to sit and slurp your cuppa coffee. By positioning this next to a piece of large scale living room wall décor, it is bound to create more of an impact.

Lighten it up

One does not become enlightened by imagining figures of light, but by making the darkness conscious. Use wooden trims to create a stately look in home. The wooden trims not only generate a sense of lightness but also frame the ceiling light fixture which is available as a wall décor online in India. Undoubtedly a quick and easy way to turn a dull expanse into a true highlight.

Classy and subtly sophisticated

Place some complementary art work with frames on your wall. You may incorporate your family pictures into those frames as well.It not only gives personal touch but leave a calm neutral impact. Such variety of bedroom wall décor in India is available at reasonable prices and add an additional layer of intimacy to space.

Hang a collection

A cluster of colourful decorative baskets in various sizes and colours is definitely eye catching and looks eclectic. If you are fond of cool hats, don’t let them hide behind closed doors instead put them on functional display. For more such collection of wall décor online in India , put the right keywords in Google search tab and voila! You got it !

Add colour pops with panache

With the timely delivery and easy availability of these room decoration items in India , the hues of these colourful articles gives emphasis to a neutral room. Its scorching hot and monsoons are round the corner here in many parts of India. Which means a reason to spur up along with these bright colours and surroundings and buy some colourful rugs, cushions and gaze the spattering.

Caressing heirloom

Area rug, whether a vintage family heirloom or a brand new washable rug are an unavoidable décor essential. Commonly seen hanging out under the living room sofa, this is an essential accessory more than a part of room decoration items in India.

Layer giant letters

Just overlap the letters of your choice and make a strong graphic statement by hanging them side by side.

Perk Up a bare wall with mirror work

Layer objects like coffee table books in addition to blown glass votives brings an additional layer of vibrance to your room.

Suave and simple antiques

Hang a few antique pieces you adore. These rustic and serene living room wall decor not only bring tranquility but has the power to open up the space.