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Hair Cutting Course: Shape Up a Promising Career in Hair and Beauty

Hair cutting or barbering, is one of the oldest professions in the history of mankind, the traces of which dates back to the Bronze era. The relics of scissors and razors were found in Egypt, which tells about the history of the profession.

What we all primary think is that hair cutting is all about trimming hairs and styling them. But, in actuality it is a lot more from shaves, massages, bleaching, highlighting to manicure and pedicures. In recent times, with demands of looking beautiful and presentable having gone beyond personal preferences, hair cutting is now a full time profession and experts involved in it are one of the most sought after people in numerous industries like cinema, television, fashion, glamour, events, weddings and much more.

If you are one of them who have the flair in styling hairs and want a career in it to start up your own business or pursue a career in the respective industry, you should get yourself enrolled in a hair cutting school for a course in it and become a certified hair stylist.

Hair Styling and Cutting Courses

The segment might sound simple but has number or verticals, ranging from hair cutting to hair coloring and other barbering courses. In here we will know about hair cutting course for aspiring candidates. There are courses that ranges from a few weeks span to months. The course study is divided into theoretical classes and practical sessions to aid aspirants with all the crucial keys of hair cutting.

Would be certified hairdressers get hands on knowledge of basic skills that are required for cutting. This is an individual accessed course that each aspirant acquires confidence according to their own skill sets and understanding. Basic training starts with theoretical coaching followed by a live demonstration by experts, performed on dummies and models.

Students gets exposure and acquainted with the tools necessary for cutting and styling like scissors, combs, hairdryers, gowns, brushes, clips etc. Continuous practice are conducted for candidates so that these tools become their friends.

What do you learn in hairs and hair care?

- Products used in hair styling.

- Hair conditioning.

- Ironing with a blow dryer.

- Application of herbal and other hair care products.

- Hair and scalp massaging.

- Basics of hair cutting and styling.

- Application of hair colours.

What do you learn in skin care?

- Skin physiology and anatomy.

- Theory of skin massage.

- Manicure.

- Pedicure.

- Masks and packs.

- Waxing.

- Bleaching.

- Threading.

- Facials and its various types.

Requisites of Hair Cutting courses

One does not need any prior experience or educational qualification to become a hair stylist. Although it is considered that interest and some prior exposure can help candidates’ better understanding of the contents.

A certified hair stylish have a world of fashion and style waiting for them. The course trains you with creative and stylish ways of styling hairs and colouring them. There are various related courses along with the basic course, that aspiring candidates can look forward on their way to become a professionally trained and qualified hair stylist.