Jun 13, 2017 1

What to Do In Case of a Lost or Stolen Passport?

A U.S. passport is an important document that you ought to keep safe at all times. Once this valuable travel document is lost or stolen, it becomes invalid and cannot be used for travel purpose. A replacement passport for adults may be required for various reasons. It can be a loss or theft that calls the replacement passport.

Lost your passport? Someone stole it when vacationing abroad? Whatever the case, you need to act quickly. You must be aware of all those crucial steps required to be taken so you can a replacement passport in as little as 24 hours. Your passport consists of your personal information. Keep in mind that there identity thieves who emphasize on stealing people’s passport to access their personal information.

What to do when you find out that your passport has been lost or stolen? Know that a lost or stolen passport is no cause to get a panic attack. Although it will take time as well as cost you additional funds, you can get a replacement passport fast. Before you go about submitting your application for a replacement passport for adults (in case of a lost or stolen passport), make sure you first report your passport as lost or stolen.

In case your passport is stolen in the US, you’re needed to file a police report first. Then you have to contact the nearest embassy or the US Department of State.

Here are some important things to keep in mind when applying for a replacement passport for adults (in case of a loss or stolen passport):

Where to Report About Your Loss or Stolen Passport? If you’ve lost your most important travel document overseas, or someone’s stolen the same, you must get in touch with the American Embassy or Consulate.

No matter the severity of the crime, or even if you’ve misplaced your passport, it’s important to have the loss reported so that your current passport can be suspended. If possible, get in touch with the local authorities for obtaining a police report.

What Documents are Required for Loss or Stolen Passport? You must fill out a DS-64 form (Statement Regarding Loss or Stolen Passport). You can download this from a reputable agency dealing with loss or stolen passport. You have to fill out your personal information on this form. This form (DS-64) also consists of questions with respect to your loss or stolen passport. Try to provide as much information as you can when filling out this form.

Make sure you fill out a DS-11 form (this is the same form you already filled out when applying for a new passport). This form has to be submitted with the DS-64 form.

You will need to submit all the required documents, including your birth certificate, government issued photo I.D. Also, include a certified check or money order to “US Department of State” for the right amount.


You don’t have to worry at all as long as there are private, non-government passport expediting service agencies at your service. These are the agencies that deal with replacement passport for adults and can help obtain your new passport in  24 hours. They can also save you time and money over other traditional methods of dealing with a lost or stolen passport.