Nov 06, 2017 0

Find Easiest And Fastest Solution For Your Child’s US Passport

Most people assume that children that are very young, don't require a passport for traveling internationally. However, in reality, there is nothing like that. In fact, even a day old baby also needs a passport while traveling to abroad. Child passport functions as the same as a regular passport, except that they expire after 5 years and cannot be renewed.

When filing an application for a child passport, there are few different delivery times to choose from. You can pick the delivery services how quickly you will be required the passport. For those who need to acquire a passport for their child in a week, can look for the passport expediting agency that has been specialized in providing easy and quick renewal services.

While you require your child's passport on a short notice, it is best to choose expedited services because the standard time of the department state is around 7-8 weeks. By choosing one of the registered yet reliable passport agency in San Francisco, you can process your application within a week and get the delivery of the passport in a quick time frame.

If you really think that the expedited services are right, then it's time to move forward with your child's passport application. Once you are in process, you will assign a passport agent who will assist you from start to finish and enable you to complete the process without any hassle. Actually, the prime aim of these agencies is to expedite the process and minimize the complications from the procedure.

Here are the few requirements that you need to meet while submitting the application form:

● A new passport application form

● Proof of identity

● Colored passport photos with white background

● Intent of traveling

● Consents from both parents

● Proof of US citizenship

● Birth certificate of the child.

While looking for the expedited services, make sure you must have all these documents in original.