Sep 20, 2017 4

Child Passport: How To Get a Passport For a Minor?

There is no wonder in this fact that applying for the child passport is much more complicated than applying for the adult passport. Not only it includes various papers, but also you need to visit together along with your child again and again to the state department. However, there are some procedures in place that help you expedite the procedure and enables you to get the passport for your child before your travel date.

The process of obtaining a child's passport can be simple if the applicant follows all the requirements and provides all the needed documents. And the most important thing to know when applying for a minor passport is that both the parents or guardians need to apply with the minor. You cannot renew the passport minor passport is valid only for the 5 years. Once the minor passport has been expired, you'll need to apply for the new passport using the passport application form. And this application has been completed and signed by the passport agent.

If you are applying for the passport with the government procedures, it will take 4 to 8 weeks if you need your child passport within the next 2 days, it will be recommended to apply it with passport renewal. They can obtain a passport in as little as One business day and allow you to travel to your destination without any hassle. By considering the private agency, you can eliminate the hassle of handling paperwork and even able to save a trip to a government office.

Generally, these agencies are equipped with highly qualified and experienced agents who can easily understand your traveling needs and able to provide you quick and hassle-free services. Their prime aim is to minimize the complexity of the procedure and get your documents submitted at right place within the strict time frame.