Apr 18, 2019 0

3 Effective Ways To Make SEO and Social Media Work In Tandem

At one hand, there is a colourful side of digital media which is majorly responsible for increasing the brand awareness on social media platforms by promoting products and services. On the other hand, we have search engine optimization (SEO) which enables search engines to find your best possible content and rank you accordingly on the search engines. Although both of them have different strategies and approaches, they share a common goal. Hence, to devise a successful digital strategy for a brand, marketers need to find a way to make the two digital giants work together in an effective manner.

To make integration of SEO and social media successful, the best SEO services in India are following some effective strategies. These are:

• Link Building

Obviously, social media shares can’t directly help you increase your ranking on Google but it can help spread relevant information about your brand. This means you can externally build links to your website with the help of social media. While deciding your search engine rank, Google takes into consideration the number of visits to your website and the duration of their stay. The numbers can be increased by making more people share your brand information over social media.

• Social Media Sharing

With the help of social media, your content reaches a wider audience base which isn’t quite possible otherwise. But this strategy is only effective if you are producing high-quality and relevant content for your customers. By practicing this, you give confidence to your audience. As a consequence, social shares increase enhancing your brand visibility, which, in turn, significantly improves your search engine rankings.

• Enhancing Brand Awareness

There is no denying the fact that social media can effectively expand your brand reach. Whenever you share some useful information or post something relevant on your brand’s page, your audience can easily interact with it. They further share your posts which eventually increase your brand visibility. As a result, more and more people come to know about your brand and its product and services. Thereafter, they directly search about your brand over the search engine which enhances brand awareness.

Social media platforms like Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram etc. don’t directly help in improving your search engine rankings but they can definitely increase your brand visibility and brand awareness by catering to a larger audience base.

In the world of digital media everything is inter-connected which makes it quite fascinating and sometimes, difficult to understand. But some prominent digital media agencies are using the best strategies to make the most of this intersection which is, indeed, a good sign. RepIndia, one of the best SEO companies in India, which has recently been assigned the digital duties of important youth brands like Colors Infinity and MTV Beats, has been working significantly in this sphere, leaving behind the popular misconception that SEO and social media can’t really work in tandem.