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Why You Should Consider Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing is an emerging field that is witnessing the use of social media platforms and websites to promote brands, and their products or services. It was earlier known as digital marketing or e-marketing, but with the growth of social media as a formidable force, it is creating its own niche in the field of marketing.

One of the reasons of its popularity, apart from its convenient reach to a large number of people, is the fact that social media platforms offer built-in data analytics tools that enable companies to track the success of their advertisement campaigns. The reach of social media extends to current customers, future potential customers, their own employees, prospective employees, and influencers such as journalists and bloggers whose content the general public consumes.

The platform allows the company to manage marketing campaigns, govern them, create their own label and tonality, and decide whether their use is active or passive.

Besides this, the companies also receive user-generated content in the form of reviews, comments and feedbacks that assist them in gauging the needs and requirements of the customers they deal with and to improve their overall work.

The passive approach to social media taken by the leading SEO agencies in India involves using the platform to hear the customers’ views. This may be in the form of content communities, blogs and forums where individuals can share their experiences with the products or services. This information can be analysed by the firms for their benefit. It creates a sort of market intelligence for the firms to receive data about their work. An example could be the hundreds of review videos made on any new gadgets that are released on sites such as YouTube and Instagram. These are very helpful for understanding the consumer behaviour and preferences.

The active approach, on the other hand, is used to maintain public relations and make use of direct marketing tools to target very specific audiences with the help of social media influencers and celebrities. Unlike earlier communication channels such as television or newspapers, wherein an ad could be put out and companies could only hope that it falls into the hands of the target audience, social media can target their ads to the very people who may be interested in it. This is done by using the information obtained from demographics such as keywords, to show certain ads to the target audience.

Hence, social media marketing is a tool of immense importance to establish a brand name and reputation for companies. Get in touch with any of the top seo companies in India, the likes of RepIndia that offers excellent seo and social media marketing services to all their clients. The company, co-founded by Ayesha Chenoy, performs digital duties of many reputed global brands like Canon and Timex.