May 27, 2019 0

SEO Risks to Avoid

Despite its immense popularity, most of the business people have a hard time analyzing the importance of SEO. With the internet flooded with misinformation about search engine optimization, there’s no doubt why making a decision can often get tough.

An effective SEO strategy can yield positive results for your company. But like any other venture, SEO too involves certain risks. While some are worth taking, others must be avoided. Here are a few that one must steer clear of-

Poor Doorway Pagesa

The reason why people sometimes rely on doorway pages is that they are easy to create in batches to target specific keywords. In the view of Google, however, such doorway pages are highly disliked and must be penalized. The only time such pages are considered is when they feature unique and valuable content. This is enough a reason to not take risks with such pages.

Condensing or Deleting Content

Most of the people tend to delete the entire page if a particular product or service has been discontinued by the company. Once it gets deleted, the keywords it once ranked for are also gone. A similar thing happens to the URL of the page. Page-specific keywords that the URL contained disappear bringing down your rankings for the targeted keywords.

Rather than taking a risk on the rankings, it’s always better to keep the webpage. A message can be left on the website that redirects the visitor to the page with relevant products or services. When condensing or merging two pages into one, any reputed SEO company in India would include 301 redirections on the old URLs to retain the traffic.

Use of Exact Match Keywords in the Anchor Text

The practice of using targeted keywords as the anchor text for a link to your website had been quite popular among the SEO experts in the past. The practice got abused by “black hat” SEO experts who used it excessively. The links were not from the most authoritative sites and therefore the practice came under the surveillance of Google. Those engaged in the practice excessively were punished.

For a company to effectively bring significant improvement in the company’s profits and online exposure, it must engage in good SEO practices. RepIndia, one of the top SEO companies in India, has carved its footprint in the digital arena. It recently bagged Timex India’s SEO mandate. Archit Chenoy, director of RepIndia, considers this opportunity as a proud moment for the company