Apr 12, 2017 39

Which Watch is Best for First Time Buyer! Casio, Maxima and Fossil?

Buying watch is always a thrilling experience. Most often youngsters get their first watch when they either complete their school or enter into college life or may be when they succeed in achieving something great and their parent gift them watches to value time and be more disciplined.

Whatever may be the occasion, watches have always been an important and essential accessory in almost everyone’s life. Well getting a gift can be an amazing experience, but when it comes to buying stuff yourself, the real effort is put in.

A lot of research about features, prices, brands and a lot of related things are turned up and down to make a purchase. If you too are a first-time buyer, then here’s an easy guide that will help you in making decision without much fuss. You can straight away decide on which one to buy. We have tried to compare three known brands amongst the youngsters here:

Casio Watches: Every watch brand has its own speciality and Casio is well known for its specialties. Durability, affordability, and design are the most significant features you might be looking for while making your purchase. And, Casio watches brand promise all these.

Maxima Watches: Maxima watches are the second most selling brand in India. If you have a more definitive budget and still looking for trendy time pieces, then Maxima can be the best choice to make.

Most of students and youngsters opt for Maxima watches because of the pretty teenage designs and cheap price range. These watches offer all the basic features like water resistance and other techy features.

Fossil Watches: Fossil watches came in the year 1984 and since then it has been the top in terms of designs and features. The most classic and elegant designs can be found in Fossil watches. These watches come in sturdy, durable and high end designs. The company makes the most funky and beautiful models.

Whether it is hunt for Vintage look or a formal piece, you will get all varieties at Fossil. Though the price range is comparatively higher in Fossil watches, but the investment is totally worth when you see the features.