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Sonata Watches - Own one and add to your collection with proud

Titan Sonata Watches are among the most popular watches in India with respect to its high quality as well as affordable price tags. Covering both digital as well as analog watches, your metal band will be a hit with the large contingent of working class men in India.

For the everyday living

These watches offer a perfect combination of function and fashion, Sonata’s Trends collection is the ideal style mantra for you to make a flamboyant statement. Created with sophisticated details, the watches immortal charm will never cease to astound you and others. Stand out, every day; whether at work or while hanging out friends, these watches are indispensable to complete your everyday look.

For the Occasions

Strikingly decorated with convoluted details, Utsav collection is will add vigor to a festival or a wedding. Display these overgenerous timepieces when you enjoy yourself on a festive event with your friends and loved ones. Be the center of attraction with these radiantly crafted Titan watches price from 200 to 2000 with amazing curves and perfect finish. Make your own style statement and spectacle the stunningly engraved timepieces.

The Titan Sonata Watches has over 650 models all over plain steel, gold, twofold and plastic watches which are appropriate for an assortment of occasions, personalities and styles. Among probably the actual most well-known Titan Sonata Watches with their respective age groups are:

Titan Sonata Super Fiber (SF) Watches:

These SF watches are for the people who love adventure - these watches are strikingly stylish and come with a various useful features which make them perfect for any kind of adventure. The Sonata SF watches in India are launched to stand the threat of low costing Chinese watches. These watches offer pleasing mix of electronic and analogue watches .These Sonata watches price range from Rs 275 to Rs 550 and these watches targets the youths in the age group of 16 to 20 years.

Titan Sonata Delightful Duo:

The Titan Sonata watches comes with two fantastic watches which comeas a pair- one for him and the other for her. Labeled as Sonata Delightful Duo, these watches provide stirringly new design. The watches for guys have large dials which are rectangular in shape and have a delicate finish. The watches for the ladies use a parallel make, having aepitome with feminine grace. This Sonata Delightful Duo is afanciful gift item.

Titan Sonata Yuva Collection:

This collection comprises of a series oftrendy, young colorful watches which are specific for younger generation in India. All the watches in this collection comes with a blend of designs and colorful dial. The Yuva collection watches are available in gold as well as in steel form.

All of these Sonata watches comes with the promise of quality from Tata group.