May 14, 2018 5

Mistakes That You Must Avoid During GMAT Preparation

A student who has prepared for the hardest questions but still makes small mistakes may lose several marks because of it. The complex mathematical problems and the tricky language questions are very difficult to many students. The reality is that students may end up making errors and fail to perform in the simplest aspects of the exam. 

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• Approach – Most students will have a definite approach towards the exam. It is up to the student if they want to take shortcuts or practice diligently. The GMAT exam punishes these students severely who take shortcuts without following the definite learning curve. Most of the questions will be based on reasoning and logic with certain tricks packed inside them. Memorizing words and equations will be futile.

• Plan – A common mistake done by several students is studying haphazardly without a definite plan. Keeping a plan and a study schedule will help you get better at several things in a short period of time.

Focus – Each and every individual possess a particular set of strengths of weaknesses. Students must spend comparatively more time on working on the parts of the test that they are not comfortable with. This will ensure that they don’t have only one trick up their sleeve and are versatile.

Books – The materials that you use may not be the ones you most need. The books you buy must contain questions in a way that is similar to those that will be tested in GMAT. Consider a center for GMAT coaching in Delhi to guide you on what study materials will be the most appropriate.

Pace – The GMAT exam will not only be a test of an individual’s skills but also their mental strength. Students must set a pace that they are comfortable with. They must also keep in mind that this pace is not too slow and not too fast. Students must not panic if they feel they have spent too much time on one question. Instead, they should keep calm and try to finish the entire test.

• Assumptions – Students will encounter a point during the GMAT test when they are unsure if they should take an assumption or skip the question. This is a critical part of the exam as the confidence of students in their ability will be tested. Another common mistake of students is to overthink and then base their solution on such assumptions. They must focus on the information that is available in their hands.

Almost all GMAT questions have the potential to throw curveballs at you. The number of potential mistakes that can be committed by one student is numerous. Each and every question will test the ability of the student to use reasoning and skills to solve them. Thus, students must try their best to complete the entire test. Time must not be wasted on a single question and students must not panic.