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Does the TOEFL iBT Score Expire?

If you are an aspirant applying for higher education to universities abroad, you most likely know that your dream university will ask for your TOEFL iBT score. Obviously, the score ought to be ‘legitimate’. Much the same as other English proficiency tests, the TOEFL iBT too has an expiry date and universities and colleges do not acknowledge scores that have surpassed that expiry date.

In this blog, we as the leading TOEFL coaching centers in Delhi, will address a few details about TOEFL iBT score expiration, like – what is the official expiry date for TOEFL iBT, how long these scores stand good, etc.

When will the candidate’s TOEFL iBT score expire?

According to the ETS (Educational Testing Service), the principle body controlling the TOEFL iBT – scores lapse two years after the test date, which means if a candidate has appeared for the test on Jan’2016, his score will expire on Jan’2018.

What actually happens once the score expires?

Universities do not acknowledge expired or lapsed scores and they become invalid. Once the candidate’s score expires, he won’t be able to send them to colleges or universities. Hence, it is important that a candidate before applying for a programme must check the validity of his TOEFL iBT score. Once the scores expire, the candidate would be left with no option but to take the TOEFL test again and send the fresh scores to the university. Under the guidelines of ETS, candidates can appear for TOEFL test as many times as they want but then there has to be a gap of at least 12 days.

Can candidate access his expired scores online?

Once the TOEFL iBT scores of any candidate pass its due date, he will never be able to access that score online. The lapsed score report will be removed from the official ETS website. Some students do keep hard-copies of their past results, however, there is no point doing that, as mentioned above the universities won’t entertain the expired scores.

Why actually do TOEFL iBT scores lapse?

People have different views regarding the short validity of TOEFL iBT, some find it frustrating and some find it good on their part. However, the ETS has its own valid reason behind the score validity of 2 years. As we said that TOEFL tests the candidate’s proficiency in the English language, this proficiency can change over time, it might get better or conversely, it might get worse as well. A fixed validity period ensures the university get the first-hand information on candidate’s proficiency with the English language.

How can a candidate send his valid scores to different universities?

Following are a few steps and tips for sending a valid score to different universities:

Firstly, it is important to check the score validity guidelines for different universities, the candidate is interested in applying to. By and large, most universities declare their prerequisites on their admissions page, however, if there is nothing mentioned there, it is important to either confirm that through a direct call or e-mail. Just in case your TOEFL iBT score is about to expire before the college or university’s admission due date, it is crucial to check with them if they will acknowledge your score. It is better to be confirmed then sorry.

Consider repeating the TOEFL test. How quickly you retake the TOEFL test depends on your preferred university’s admission deadline. The quicker the registration for TOEFL iBT, the better. Remember, the ETS takes about 3 weeks for releasing the score. In addition, universities other than in the United States receive a candidate’s score in about 8 weeks or so.

Keep in mind that university seats wait for none, hence it is important to register much before the deadline. The candidate should keep enough time for colleges or universities to get his scores before the due date.

Undoubtedly, candidates aspiring for studying abroad should keep this information in mind, as these things are crucial, however, most importantly it is the preparation that is crucial. Preparation will get them to a high TOEFL iBT score. Yes, preparing for TOEFL iBT can be overwhelming but with the right guidance and coaching from reputed TOEFL coaching centres in Delhi, you can achieve your dream score.

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