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Admission Consultants in Delhi for MBA – Frequently Asked Questions

In spite of the costs involved in a prominent MBA program, top business schools are full of takers. As a matter of fact, these business schools have acceptance rates, which can give stress dreams to even most suitably experienced and academically gifted aspirants.

Revolution, the admission consultants in Delhi for MBA – These are the people who make sure that their clients get the best options when it comes to selection and admission to the most reputed business schools – for a fee, unsurprisingly. But then again, how many aspirants today are using these services? Can these consultants help the candidates in gaining upper hand on their competitors or they are better going alone? Finally, what does the business schools think of these hired partners? Need answers on these, then keep reading:

MBA admission consultants, who are they?

Most of the consultants are either ex-members of any business school’s administration office or are MBA graduates themselves, thus both have expertise on what actually business schools look for in a candidate and how one business school is better than the other. Similarly, apart from the above two categories - people from marketing and branding, all make a good admission consultant.

Why do candidates use them?

First of all, consultants are a boon for the candidates who are not comfortable about the whole admission process, especially for the international students. International students, for obvious reasons, are less familiar with the practicalities and procedures of an application process than the domestic students. Moreover, as they don’t belong to a particular place, they might need someone to boost their confidence and beliefs that they have their place at a top MBA program.

What consultants actually do?

The services of the admission consultants are long and thus candidates can tailor them to meet their individual needs. For instance-

a) Writing the CV or other technical aspects of an application requirements

b) Conducting mock interviews and helping the candidates on how they should present themselves to the business school.

When do aspirants use the services of MBA admission consultants?

Most aspirants opt for such services almost 6 months before the application deadline. This accounts for approximately 68% of the applicants but then there are other 30% (approx.) applicants that actually work with these consultants from an early stage, almost 7 or more months before an application deadline.

Two most important aspects of their services include-

a) Shortlisting the business schools (to target)

b) Identifying any gaps that may lead to the rejection of the final application.

Does the reputation of the consultant matters?

Yes, just like any other service-oriented professions, the reputation, quality and calibre vary and matter for MBA admission consultants as well. Then, there are many individual firms that maintain experienced staff (consultants), whose personality and experience suits needs of many of the aspirants.

Thus, it is imperative that the aspirants do thorough research before hiring an admission consultant and select the most reputed admission consultants in Delhi for MBA. The success figures can be an important criterion for selecting a consultant, look for the figures on their website. These statistics point to the forte of their services and how able they are in securing the admission of their clients to the leading business schools.

What does the business schools think of these hired partners?

In past business colleges might have shown disinterest to the existence of such consulting but the things have changed drastically and business colleges are now in the appreciating league, as they believe that these admission consultants are doing a good job for the aspirants. Thus, the leading colleges appreciate the fact that these consultants have become a permanent fixture and are helping the applicants understand diverse campus cultures.