Apr 24, 2019 0

Importance of Creating Customer Journey Map

Customer journey mapping is used by businesses to step into their customer’s shoes and see their own business from the customer's perspective. It helps companies to gain insights into customer pain points, on how they can improve customer experience, and define what customers need to complete a purchase.

If seen from a customer’s perspective, a customer wants his/her experience with a brand connected and seamless. Customers expect companies to know who they are and what they are looking for and remember them across multiple touchpoints. This way the necessary customer information is available not requiring the customers to repeat or clarify their needs.

It must be challenging for your company to get into the minds of your customers. After going through the hot areas and customer experience maps, you must be wondering why a customer spends a long time browsing your products to close the tab at the end. Also, at times your customer may be taking several steps to get from one point to another where he/she should only be taking one.

The reason for this kind of customer experiences on your site signifies your not having a clear grasp of the customer journey with your company. The customer journey is a process by which a customer interacts with your company to achieve a goal.

However, merely understanding the customer journey isn't enough. The best thing to do is to map it. By visualising it into a diagram and making a customer journey map, you and other employees can refer to it as and when required. Thus, a customer journey map makes a difference.

A customer journey map is a visual representation of the processes a customer goes through to achieve a specific goal. Using a customer journey map, you get an idea of your customers' motivations, their needs and pain points.

A customer journey map maps process from first to final touchpoint to see if your customers are reaching the goals and, if not, how they can reach the goals.

A customer journey is not just represented linearly from point A to point B. Buyers often take a cyclical, multi-channel, or back and forth journey for mapping things that are hard to visualise.

Benefits of Customer Journey Map include:

● Identifying whether the customer journey is logical

● Giving you a perspective on your sales process

● showing the gaps between desired customer experience and actual ones

● helping you see where customers interact with business

● focusing the business on specific customer needs at different stages

● allowing you to concentrate on what matters most to maximise effectiveness

Thus, customer journey mapping is getting in the shoes of your customer and walking around a bit in them to know how they feel and what needs to be changed.