May 28, 2016 2

What Made Me—From Boxing Gloves to Dragon Boat Paddles

From the countless hours of plyometric training and sparring, to the endless hours of paddling, being active and keeping my body humming has allowed me to develop into the person I am now. I still clearly remember, dealing with vicious cycles of eating disorders and over exercising, when I was younger, oblivious to the detrimental harm that was taking toll on my body. These cycles become more harmfu as the push for a "hot bod" began to gain more presence within the social media realm. I must admit, I was sucked in at one point, because I wanted to fit it with everyone else—to have a to-die-for body and not have to worry about not being able to fit into a certain pair of jeans.

Miraculously, I was able to detach myself and break away from these continuous, unhealthy cycles. I found what I was passionate about and this wasn't just one thing. I had found a world that I felt so comfortable in and that world consisted of staying active, eating health, and playing some of my favorite sports, Boxing and Dragon Boat paddling. 

Boxing, a sport notorious for violent punches and total knockouts, changed my life for the better. Prior to taking on the sport, I was all over the place with my work out routine, only exercising when I had the time or when I did not feel lazy. It doesn't sound too bad, but telling yourself you're going to gym the next days ends up being the next week. Boxing made me stick to the routine and not back out of it. I was the fastest and most determined I had ever been. With an amazing coach and a ferocious team, I was able to acquire a sense of independence and determination that I have never had before. I trained, conditioned, and fought with every ounce of drive in me and never looked back. 

Boxing wasn't the end of my fitness journey. I kept with the sport, but had also decided to take on Dragon Boat paddling. This sport consists of 20 people paddling side to side for 250 meters to 2000 meters in a race against other boats for a title. Dragon Boat was unlike anything that I had done before.  It reinforced what it meant to be persistent and goal oriented. Paddling amongst my peers, lifting 2-3 times a week, and the weekend water practices made me stronger than I could ever imagine. I felt unstoppable and that was exactly what I was. 

In all honesty, my fitness journey does not and would not ever have an end. I'll find ways to keep improving and will continue to pursue my passion in staying active and healthy. I can't wait to see what the my future fitness goals are, cross fit or rock climbing... who knows? The possibilities are really endless.