Jun 15, 2016 258

From Plates to Paddles

When I was thirteen, I met the love of my life: Olympic Weightlifting. More than anything, it was exhilarating seeing myself progress to heavier and heavier weights. Lifting had a really positive impact on the relationship I had with my body: it made me healthier, and it made me value my body for what it was capable of, rather than what it looked like. When I was fourteen, I met the second love of my life: Dragonboat. I loved how intensely social it was, and how far it pushed me past my physical limits. In weightlifting, I learned how to be strong. In Dragonboat, I learned how to be strong for 19 other people. Dragonboat has been a transformative experience for my body and mind, a passion that I've stayed true to for the past eight years of my life.

Unfortunately, my skin isn't as fond of Dragonboat as I am. For the past few months, every time I go paddle with my team, the marina water makes me break out in severe rashes, and lifting the same day would make things exponentially worse. I had to start showering a lot more, which started drying out my skin. Thankfully I switched to Savon soap, and now both my body and I are happy with doing the sports I love.