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A Smooth Finish by Puff eCig

If you’re looking for high quality enjoyment of smoke-free tobacco, Puff eCig is the way to go. On our online shop, you’ll find a wide range off selections to suit your needs, from Cheap Box Mod Kits to puff liquids to our very own honey pen vaporizers. All at an affordable price! At Puff eCig, we take care of our customers and make sure that we have as many different products available for you to fully enjoy a great experience with whatever you decide to leave our store with.

Take a look at our selection of disposable pens. At a low cost, you’ll get a great variety of flavors for you to enjoy. We offer a number of different flavors like Cool Blue, Minty Lemon, and Mellow Fusion. To make sure you get the complete experience, all of our disposable pens are produced with at least 1.2 percent nicotine content or higher.

Dab kits are currently on the rise as a way for hobbyists to enjoy tobacco products without inhaling too many fumes into their lungs. With our dab kits, we make sure that the buyer gets the complete package. A great ring, a solid set of nails, and more are essential to enjoying a flavorful vaping experience.

We are constantly looking to improve the quality of experience that people have with our products. Everyone just wants to enjoy smokeless tobacco with a great flavor in each puff. That’s why we’ve decided to use propylene glycerin in many of our flavors. Commonly found in food and cosmetic products, the FDA has approved of it as safe to use and is considered to have a low toxicity rate. On top of that, organizations such as EPA have reviewed the levels of toxicity with propylene glycerin and have found that it does not cause any damage from an oral or inhalation standpoint. With our use of propylene glycerin, we ensure that customers get a smooth taste with the multiple flavors we have to offer in our online shop.

We make sure to give customers a chance to let us know what they think of our products. If one of our products such our affordable cheap box mod kits seems damaged after delivery, have no fear, every item bought has a 30 day warranty period where the customer is allowed to send back something if it seems defective. On top of that, depending on the product, some warranties will be longer than others. With our warranty rates, Puff eCig demonstrates that the customer deserves the best options available at a great price, along with good business etiquette.

Don’t hesitate to contact us, as we want to hear from you and help you make sure you enjoy our products to the fullest extent. If you need immediate customer service, call us on our phone line at (810) 721-0590, or fill out a form on our “Contact” page where we will ensure to reply in a timely manner. We look forward to hearing from you!

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