May 02, 2017 32

My wife wanted flower pictures!

My wife has over 100 varieties of flowers in our garden, and she wanted to capture their beauty with photography. I did a lot of searching for a camera in 2012 and ultimately decided on the Sony NEX 5n. Then I added several Sony lenses and use the 50mm 1.8 for several of the close-up flower images. Since then I have really gotten into photography and added the Sony A7 - first generation and have become the photographer for work.  Then I got involved in food photography, cars, nature, birds, and, of course, family! I have taken over 15,000 pics on that first NEX and I can't even count how many on the A7. I would love to have a great Sony camera for a bike tour I am going on with my kids - it is the perfect size with amazing results!