Sep 07, 2017 12

Things you Must Know About Alameda Before you Buy a Home

Alameda is one of the best areas to live in the San Francisco Bay Area. Just located outside the city popular for its 23sqmtr mile beach-side town offers some magnificent, less crowded and affordable locations with the best neighborhood. Here is a list of a few things you must know before you make a purchase of the best Homes in Alameda.

Enjoy the Feel of Living on an Island

Yes, you can make this dream come true in this life only. Just like Oahu or Manhattan, you can enjoy living on an island and enjoy the life at the beachside. Though it doesn't give you the tropical feel like Waikiki, you would love seeing people wearing Hawaiian shirts or shorts enjoying their Pina Coladas.

Ferry for the Trouble-free Traveling

You can enjoy your traveling without feeling stuck in a traffic. Need not worry about crowded trains or buses, enjoy the view being seated comfortably at the deck of the ferry and enjoy the beautiful, stress-free commute and make your coworkers feel jealous for such a lavish commuting option.

Friendly People in a Small Town

It gives you a Mayberry-esque small-town feel which makes the inhabitants here quite friendly. Despite its small size, quaint shops and friendly dwellers, people are quite pleasing and open to allow you have benefits, unlike small-town community.

Less Crime More Safety & Security

Alameda is a very safe town to live with a family where you need not worry about your kids. The crime rate is very low here so you can enjoy a day and the night because the police could close off the entrances to the island to seize the exit for criminals.

Perfect Location for Hitting Beach

Now, you don’t need a place to relax during the vacations. Living in Alameda gives you an open option and opportunity to hit the beach anytime you want. This is a perfect location for people wants to live close the nature.

Animal-friendly Location

Kids love animals and sometimes, it’s tough for animals to live with you. You will have to know the best location when planning to move with your pets. This time, Alameda has opened its arms to welcome all pet lovers.

Perfect Weather

Alameda residents always enjoy the pleasing weather here which remains 71 degrees most of the times. It remains 10 degrees warmer than San Francisco which makes it pleasing to hit beaches.

What else you are looking for if you are getting everything you would have ever dreamed of? Now, you can begin your search for Alameda homes for sale for your family.